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Semi Permanent Makeup Courses

with Micropigmentation & Training Ltd

As you are considering a new career in Permanent Cosmetics this is the best time to start. Long gone is the garish and overdone make up that prevailed in the 1980's.

What people want today is natural, subtle, barely there make up that enhances how they look. They want to wake up and look good from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed without the need to apply make up. This ensures that clients do not want just one area such as eyebrows done, they want their whole face done from brows, to eyeliner, to lips. But they want it done well!

This is where we come in, to teach you all the latest techniques and skills. Annette is passionate about her work at the Academy which is based in the world renowned Harley Street. If clients do not want to come to Harley Street,

you can take Harley Street to them, which also means the cost per treatment you can charge is higher than students taught in other training schools!

With a new career in Permanent Cosmetics you will get superb financial rewards and completely flexible working as the time spent doing treatments will be very lucrative. You can earn from £400-£750 per treatment area with the right training.

You can add Permanent Cosmetics to your current range of beauty treatments if you are a beautician, salon on clinic owner which will dramatically increase your profits or if you can have the flexibility to fit your hours around your family or current job.

All our training is done on a one to one basis so we advance at a speed to suit your individual needs, you do not have to compete with anyone else in class! This means you are more relaxed and learn better.

We also provide all the models for you to work on so you have nothing to worry about, you simply turn up and get started…!

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Eye Liner
Lip Liner / Colour
Scalp Pigmentation
Scar Camouflage
Tattoo Removal
Nipple Recostruction
Male Treatments

Annette Power

Annette Power has had a Clinic in the world famous Harley Sreet for over 15 years. She has an impeccable reputation as one of the leading specialists in semi-permanent make up, medical tattooing and training.

She is also sought after as the best person to rectify the mistakes made by others using her full range of skills including camouflage and removal..

Annette is regularly consulted as an expert in her field for advice and asked to write articles and guidelines for inclusion in publications and training manuals for the beauty and aesthetic industry and has been appointed by BABTAC as their micropigmentaion specialist.

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